About Froog


Froog is a financial fitness company that helps digitally active consumers engage and interact with money. We champion the idea of financial fitness by giving our users powerful, transparent insights into their financial behavior and motivations.

We also partner with financial institutions to empower their understanding of digitally active consumers and help parlay that understanding into a new era of banking and financial services.

Financial Fitness

Our 'always-on' financial fitness platform shapes your day-to-day financial behavior to help you achieve goals and the life you imagine for yourself.

Personalized Offers

By understanding your preferences, tastes and financial goals we develop personalized partner offers optimized to fit your lifestyle and financial objectives.


Froog's powerful dashboard and analysis engine helps you understand why you spend what you spend and help you hack your behavior to achieve optimal financial fitness.

Curated Finance

In partnership with financial institutions, Froog offers a breadth of financial products that evolve, change and adapt with you as you progress through goals and life.

Financial Literacy

With an eye on the long term, Froog provides ongoing financial learning opportunities that are proven to contribute to your long-term financial well-being.

FDIC Insured

Your Froog account is FDIC insured through a participating partner bank, meaning your money is safe and sound while you focus on living your life to the fullest.

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Meet The Team

Froog's ambitious vision is rooted in the passion, drive and experience of our employees. We are passionate about the future of personal finance, about revolutionizing how millennials bank, and above all - about empowering our customers.

Omar Asghar
Co-Founder, Product Strategy

Seasoned retail banker and wealth management professional.

Raza Hassan
Co-Founder, Operations & Finance

Actuary with background in financial and consulting services.

Bobby Calder, Ph.D
Consumer Marketing

Pioneering Froog's millennial behavioral research. Kellogg GSM, Northwestern Univ.

Neal Pollock
Engineering & Product Development

10+ yrs of building solutions for financial, pharmaceutical and telecom companies

Ed Malthouse, Ph.D
Engagement Modeling

Cross-basis segmentation and data modeling. Kellogg GSM, Northwestern Univ.


Global banking executive with experience in wealth management, risk & credit, retail banking & mergers + acquisitions.

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